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The PILATEN Peel-off Black Mask is designed for those people who have the annoying acne, blackhead and grease on their face. This black mask can help to balance grease secret, minimize pores and remove acne and blackhead, thus improving your skin. PILATEN Blackhead Remover Peel-off Black Mask Help to cleanse pores and remove acne and blackhead, making your face smooth and tender. Oil-control, help to remove stain or oil spots from your face, making you look clean and beautiful. Help to improve the blood circulation of your face, build your confidence and let you look younger. Note 1. Due to the strong adsorbability and cleansing, it is normal that you might feel a bit of pain when peel it off.2. Due to difference among skin types of people, the effect various from person to person.3. Suggest no more than twice a week. Specifications Name PILATEN Black Mask Brand PILATEN Type Peel-off black mask Ingredient Water, glycerin, polyvinyl alcohol, propylene glycol, etc. Product Weight 60g Package Weight 70g Package Size 5 x 5 x 14 cm Package Contents 1 x PILATEN Black Mask

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