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avantika fadnis harmonics in power system

Power system harmonics cause many problems like equipment failures, malfunctions and plant shutdowns. Accordingly, mitigation of these harmonics is considered an important target especially for the industrial applications where any short downtime period may lead to great economic losses. When a design engineer or an engineering consultant decides to mitigate harmonics within his plant, he will find out that there are at least ten harmonic mitigation techniques, each having specific advantages and disadvantages, thus selection of the optimal mitigating technique will be a difficult task. This book provides novel technical and economic studies for most of the harmonics mitigation techniques available in the market to enable design engineers and consultants of selecting the optimal mitigation technique. This book includes various harmonic studies performed on an existing oil plant and suitable mitigation solutions are examined. The harmonic analysis studies are discussed and a novel procedure for the steps required to perform a harmonic study is presented. This book is addressed to post-graduate students, research scholars and design engineers of the industrial electrical systems.

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