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elizabeth and james платье до колена

Elizabeth And James Шорты

Elizabeth And James Шорты elizabeth and james платье до колена

7240 Руб.

Модель: Elizabeth And James

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Physically abused by his sadistic Father. Sexually abused by his Mother. The outrageous and perverted treatment that turned an innocent child into a dangerous psychopath. ON THE surface James Shukker appears to be a respectable married businessman, but with his mind twisted beyond all comprehension he secretly revels in torture and murder. Elizabeth, his wife, is unaware she is married to a serial killer or that she is also only one fatal step away from his psychotic mood swings. Shannon, an eminent lawyer and a very close friend of Elizabeth, is desperate to become pregnant, but her partner is infertile. She begrudgingly accepts the fact that the only route open to her is IVF. Elizabeth feels desperately sorry for her friend and asks James if he would consider being Shannon’s sperm donor or, as it would be a purely clinical act, to copulate naturally, both of which James adamantly refuses - until, that is, Shannon uses her stunning beauty to entrap him.

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