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Sydney is not the capital of Australia. However, this city deserves to be the capital of the planet. If we one day get a world government that everybody is talking about - this is where they (whoever they may be) should come and decide the future of the galaxy. They all "whoever they may be" should buy huge houses in one of the beautiful bays, with jetties for their enormous yachts. This city is ready to accommodate them and to make them happy. Happy government - happy galaxy! This incredible city, rolling up and down the hills to its numerous picture perfect bays and white sand beaches, is almost utopic in its amazing combination of stunning nature and incredible architecture, the modern and the old. Though "modern and old" is a very relative concept in Sydney. It was founded 228 years ago by 778 convicts and another few hundred people, most of whom were the crew of the first fleet - so whatever is recent history for any European is practically ancient for a modern Australian. Sydney is sophisticated and very intellectual, trendy and funky, and drunk like an Irish bus driver on a Saturday night. Sydney is a marvel, a beauty, a wonder, almost a miracle. So in case this city will one day become the capital of the world, we seize the chance now to give our invaluable suggestions to the next mayor of the Galactic capital: the art galleries should be open from whatever am until 8 pm at least, and they should serve wine (preferably white chilled Chardonnay), weed should be legalized (as no one yet managed to prove that it is bad for anybody, and there is a lot of evidence that is actually good for so many reasons), and - if at all possible - Australians should speak English. Well, at least to the visitors. As no school in this world is actually teaching Australian version of this language. If there ever will be a vote - and of course it will be between New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, Hong Kong, St. Bart and Sydney - our votes go for Sydney!

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