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impacts of cyclone on coastal livelihood

The research was conducted in Protapnagar union of Assasuni upazila under Satkhira district to investigate farmers’ livelihood vulnerabilities pertaining to climate change. The present research is highly related with a public interview to capture the data directly from the field related with random data sampling based information. The farmers within the study region were earnestly affected by various types of hazards like, river bank erosion, salinity effects, effects of tidal flood, overweening rainfall, monsoonal cyclone, water logging as well. Agriculture is the main source of economy of the Bangladesh, which is jeopardized by almost all the hazards. Around 37% farmers were migrating from affected areas to non affected areas and among the displaced farmer 21% were permanent and 16% were seasonal. The farmers had been suffering from various communicable and non communicable diseases and prevalence rate of the climate change associated diseases was 5.09. Finally, the study found that environmental migration, food deficiency and health problems that increasing vulnerability and reducing the sustainable capacity of the farmers to climate change adaptation.

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