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law ethics and the war on terror

The Ethics of War

The Ethics of War law ethics and the war on terror

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As a healthcare practitioner, you will face a broad range of professionaldilemmas in your everyday practice. From seeking consent to upholdingpatient confidentiality, you'll rely on your knowledge of ethics, the lawand professional codes of conduct to guide your actions. Balancing thesethree strands can be difficult, but with detailed scenarios and accessiblediscussion, this book guides you through the complexities of practice. Taking a practice-based approach, the text explores the combination ofethical, legal and professional issues which characterise the field ofhealthcare. A range of experienced contributors come together toprovide:? detailed analysis of confidentiality, accountability, consent, capacityand justice, all grounded within the daily practice context;? authoritative guidance through discussion of legal cases, excerptsfrom statutes and extracts from professional guidelines;? realistic scenarios drawn from a range of health settings, unravellingand illustrating the guidelines, statutes and policies which influencepractice;? advice on balancing the conflicting pressures of the modern healthcarecontext, from facing time limitations to challenging the unprofessionalpractice of others. Ethics, Law and Professional Issues puts you at the centre of some of apractitioner's most difficult decisions. It is therefore an essential resourcefor any student of healthcare looking to develop an ethically, legallyand professionally sound approach to practice.

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