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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law law of estate agency

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Everything you need to quickly acquire a solid working knowledge of more than 3,000 essential real estate terms In real estate, as in any type of business, an undefined term at a critical moment can equal a missed opportunity, or worse. That's why you need a reliable, up-to-date resource that gives you instant access to definitions of every important term you're likely to encounter in the course of doing business. That's why you need the Dictionary of Real Estate. Accessible, practical, and easy to use, it defines more than 3,000 essential commercial and residential real estate terms from the areas of appraisals, escrow, investment, finance, accounting, law, agency and ethics, construction and architecture, property management, marketing, computers and software, and more. When you look it up in the Dictionary of Real Estate, you get everything you need to quickly acquire a solid working knowledge of the term in question, including: Detailed, thoroughly cross referenced definitions in plain English Practical examples and real world applications Up to date coverage of the latest techniques and approaches Documents, charts, tables, and graphs Professional quality diagrams, illustrations, and line drawings Fully workedformulas and equations Expert cost cutting tips and moneymaking strategies Supplying you with more definitions, examples, illustrations, and practical examples than any other professional resource in the field, the Dictionary of Real Estate is one investment you simply can't afford to pass up.

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