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peter coates the communist party of india maoist volume i

Arunachal Pradesh- the ‘Land of Rising Sun’ under Indian sovereignty is treasured with different field of interest like- culture, adventure, landscapes, hydropower, heritage, historical monuments, pilgrimage, horticulture, biodiversity, handicrafts, cross-border trade, folktales, mysteries etc. Interestingly, it is the most culturally diversified state in Asia and said to be the safest place in the northeastern India. Infact, Arunachal Pradesh may be termed as the ‘Land of Research Potential’ in India as she offer myriad of research opportunities yet to be explored. The focus of this book is on providing different information and ideas of business researches carried out in Arunachal Pradesh by the author over last three years (from 2010-2013). Infact, it is the subsequent volume of its first volume. The book covers strategic aspects of business like- industry, commerce, trade, horticulture etc. This book provides concrete research-based findings over different socio-economic dimensions of the state especially for researchers, academician, policy makers and general readers. It is hoped that this book will generate research interest and curiosity to readers on various lines of business.

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