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putting all students on the graduation path

Since the Brown vs. Board of Education case of 1954, college and university choices for African American students have expanded from just historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to that of predominately white institutions (PWIs). Research indicated that African American students' choice to attend PWI is based on different factors and influences. This study examined why the academic achievement gap and low graduation rates remain an issue for African American students and both HBCUs and PWIs. In addition, this study examined ways in which low graduation rates among African Americans can be improved. Data was gathered utilising interviews. The objective of the interviews was to gain the faculty, staff, and students' perspective of UW-Whitewater and ways that low graduation rates and retention can be improved. The participants were chosen by an exclusion criterion for the student interviews based on specific characteristics that all respondents will be African American students. The results did not shed light on the core problem as to why the achievement gap remains an issue half a century later among African American students. However, results did highlight financial mat

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