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rochelle gordon physiology and pharmacology of the heart

As an art, medicine is easy to practise and that is why probably the quackery works.But as a science one cannot be satisfied by the fact that certain therapy works in most of the patients. It is more important to understand the basic physiology and pharmacology behind the success or failure.Though it might look complicated and difficult;the depth of knowledge of a particular subject will make better physician and surgeon. In the era of internet it is easy to get the details of any topic but it has not yet replaced the books, where the concise and accurate facts are written. Informations on the internet are sometimes vague,too detailed and inaccurate sometimes. There were not many drugs which were used in eye, so ocular pharmacology was part of ophthalmology text books. This book has been written to provide the reader with a quick review of the drugs used in Eye. There are few books on the subject and the text books of eye do not mention the details of the drugs used in eye. Some new drugs have been developed in recent years, which are used exclusively in the eye and their details is only available in journals and internet.So the book will be of use for both students & practitioner.

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