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role of line delivery performance in supply chain management

This study investigated the challenges of decentralised primary school education service delivery in rural areas with Masuliita Sub-county Wakiso District as case study. The study established the effect of teacher management, politics and role performance of school management bodies on the quality of education. The study found that teacher management and school management bodies’ role performance significantly affected the quality of education while politics did not. The study concluded that teacher management led to poor education service through; lack of adequate staffing, teacher training, development and motivation and performance management systems. Role performance of school management bodies led to poor education through failure to; enact enabling bi-laws, mobilize resources, develop strategic and operational plans, monitor performance and take corrective action. The study recommended that the district, lower local authorities, school management committees, politicians and other stakeholders to work together to address these challenges in all schools for improved quality of education. The study suggested identification of effective strategies for education decentralisation

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