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Book DescriptionUseful and comprehensive executive-level coverage of strategic management Hospitality Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases offers a complete, comprehensive, and managerially useful treatment of strategic management inthe hospitality industry. This up-to-date resource provides the most relevant models, theories, and hospitality practices for those interested in managing effectively in today's competitive international hospitality industry. Hospitality Strategic Management provides a realistic, balanced, and current view of the field by considering the practical aspects of the strategic manager's role, including the acquisition, development, and management of internal resources (such as people, knowledge, financial capital, and physical assets) and relationships with external stakeholders (such as guests, suppliers, owners, franchisors, venture partners, and governmental agencies). Throughout the book, examples and best practices of leading hospitality organizations are used to illustrate ideas and concepts. Hospitality Strategic Management: Integrates global strategic management theory throughout the text Addresses strategic thinking as an essential, creative aspect of the strategy process Covers aspects of starting a business, including what a business plan contains, franchising, and entrepreneurship within existing organizations Pulls the implementation process together with a careful treatment of organizational design and control Reflecting the dynamic environment found in the real world, Hospitality Strategic Management explains principles and theories with extensive use of examples from various segments of the industry, including lodging, gaming, cruise lines, airlines, and food service. Complete with free access to case examples online from the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University, Hospitality Strategic Management is an invaluable learning tool for industry executives and managers in executive-level training courses and for students.

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