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supply chain management integration

This book “Supply Chain Management in Indian Two Wheeler Industry” covers issues relating to automobile sector. The study covers the importance of SCM practices in automobile industry, problems and prospects in implementing and practicing SCM strategy, integration of SCM with other aspects of automobile companies operations like product/materiel flow, logistics, ware housing, inventory management, information flow, customer data and customer relation management and marketing operations. The book also discusses the effectiveness of SCM practices and examines supply chain internal performance in select automobile companies through the views, opinions and perceptions of Employees, Dealers and Customers by serving a structured questionnaire. This covers mesuering forward and back ward supply chain performance,To analyse the back ward supply chain performance financial metrics are incorporated and to analyse the forward supply chain retail(Dealor),customer satisfaction metrics are used , as well as to analyse the effective implementation of SCM practices Employee related techniques are used.This book is usefull to industry people and researcher of automobile supply chain.

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