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the european union and democracy the impact on international trade

This book provides a study of the role played by international organisations in the advancement of democracy as a principle of international law. Since the end of the Cold War democracy has emerged as a substantial legal principle in international relations and international organisations have played a major role in this development. In particular the legal requirements and obligations associated with membership of certain international organisations has furthered the legal status of democracy in international law. In the EU democracy is a treaty-based obligation for all current Member States, while the development of democratic structures and goals is also used as one of the criteria by which the suitability of potential Member States is assessed. In this regard the EU has played a major role in developing the scope and extent of democracy as a legal principle and the procedural rules involved in ensuring compliance with the requirements of democracy. This study examines the position of democracy in the legal regime of the EU as an international organisation vis-a-vis current and potential Member States. The developments in the EU with regard to democracy as a legal obligation for membership assist in understanding the wider development of democracy in international law.

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