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the organizational role of the supply chain manager

The fundamental role of information and communication technology in the global economy where knowledge is becoming the primary engine of growth and development. They are so widespread that one feels outdating if not using them. The influence of these over powerful technological tools has pervaded all aspects of the educational business, and economic sectors of our world. There is no doubt that just as the computer has established itself firmly in the world of business and communication technology, it has also succeeded in acquiring a fundamental role in the educational process. This role is becoming more powerful as computers become cheaper, smaller in size, more adaptable and easier to handle. Computers are becoming more appealing to teachers because of their huge capabilities and extensive effectiveness.The idea of using computers for teaching purposes in subjects like modern languages arouses mixed feelings and meets with a variety of reactions. The fact that computers are used in the teaching of other subjects and are put to a great many applications in society makes one suspect that no field lies completely outside their scope and that they might indeed be of some use.

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