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the organizational role of the supply chain manager

RETAINING EMPLOYEES A BIG CHALLENGE!The purpose of the current study was to investigate the level of organizational commitment of employees in the commercial banks of Pakistan. In this regard study was undertaken to first, assess the antecedents (demographic and organizational characteristics) that may influence employees’ commitment at work. Furthermore the study analyzed the effect of differences in the level of commitment among employees upon their intention to leave the organization. This study was carried out at manager level employees in different commercial banks having major operations in Lahore. To achieve these objectives, a sample of 22 out of total of 36 banks was taken. As far as results are concerned, it was concluded that experience and other organizational characteristics (such as, job characteristics, perceived organizational support and organizational climate) has a significant effect on the three components of organizational commitment (affective, continuance and normative commitment). The study also revealed that there is a highly significant negative relationship between organizational commitment and the employees’ intention to leave the organization.

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