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tuarira mtaita and itai mutukwa mushroom a crop of choice

Banana is an important staple commodity for developing countries, apart from wheat,rice or corn, hence its relevance for food security.Being adapted to grow under low light intensities, banana plants can withstand shade and hence are highly suitable for high density planting.The spatial arrangement of plants in a plantation is very important & usually involves a choice between physiological efficiency and practical utility.Increasing spacing between pits and planting more than one sucker per pit will help to reduce the cost of cultivation &enable inter cropping thereby improving total returns.Selection of crops for inter cropping and the geometry of planting should be designed in such a way that land, water & solar energy are fully utilized. Banana being a heavy remover of nutrients, high yields of quality bananas can only be sustained through application of optimal doses of nutrients in balanced proportion. Existing technologies of nutrient supply are to be refined for judicious use to enhance the profitability under double sucker planting as increased manurial dose may not be required for increased number of suckers per pit.Modified HDP with efficient use of inputs are explored.

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